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Know about the Different Types of Blood Pressure Monitor

Monday, June 12, 2017

A blood pressure monitor device is one that helps you find your blood pressure levels at home. The blood pressure is defined as the pressure of the blood when it thrusts on the artery walls during circulation. There will be two numbers on the display, the first is the systolic pressure and the other is diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure is measured in terms of the levels of mercury, which is mm of Hg. You get different types of blood pressure monitors and each differ in terms of usage, features and price. You should look at each type of the best blood pressure monitor carefully and then make an informed choice.

To know which one to buy, you should find what the different types of blood pressure monitors are and what their features are.

Here are some of them:

Digital blood pressure monitors: This type is the most popular of all, as it is an automatic device and displays the results digitally. It comes with a cuff that has to be wrapped around the upper arm. As the device starts, the cuff inflates. Some even come with a microphone to check the pulse rate.

This type is also one of the most reliable monitors as it gives accurate readings. They are also known as automatic or electronic blood pressure monitors.

Manual monitors: This is one of the oldest types of the best blood pressure monitor and is the one that doctors use. It has multiple components including the cuff, the microphone, the stethoscope, gauge and the squeeze bulb. The cuff is wrapped around the upper arm and the bulb is squeezed to inflate the cuff.

This stops the blood flow for a second. As the pressure is released, the doctor listens to the sound of the blood that is released. The first reading is the systolic pressure which is noted when the sound of the blood flow is first heard. The second reading is noted when the blood flow cannot be heard and this is the diastolic pressure.

Ambulatory monitors: It is a compact device which can be worn by you so that it can monitor your blood pressure levels while you are on the move. A belt is attached around your body which has a cuff to be used around your upper arm and a digital machined is attached as well. This device is useful for those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: This is the latest technology. It comes with a monitor that is slipped on the arm and it works in compatibility with a smartphone application. It allows for recording of your readings so that you can store it for future reference or to send the readings to your doctor.

Finger Blood Pressure Monitor: It comes with a cuff and a gauge which are to be put around the upper arm. The screen then displays digital readings of blood pressure. They are also compact and thus portable and easy to carry even to your place of work or leisure.
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