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At Risk Populations for Serious Slip and Fall Injurie

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

To learn about the most at risk populations for serious slips and falls, simply continue reading to discover four of the largest groups that have a high risk of slipping and falling.

Four populations that have a high risk of slipping and falling: 

1. Senior citizens over the age of 65
Senior citizens over the age of 65 are highly susceptible to slipping and falling. In fact, one third of senior citizens over the age of 65, will suffer an accidental fall in the next year. Worse yet, half of senior citizens, aged over 80 will suffer a fall in the coming year. Common injuries which are sustained by senior citizens who suffer a serious fall include hip injuries and concussion as well as broken arms and legs. In fact, 25% of seniors who are admitted to hospital are admitted as a direct result of a fall or slip.

Why are senior citizens so prone to slipping and falling? Seniors who don't exercise on a regular basis may lose the muscle strength that they need to walk without assistance or a walker. Other seniors may find that their balance is affected by their medication or that they are affected by mobility related conditions such as arthritis. Lastly seniors may fall or slip, due to vision problems such as glaucoma or cataracts. As if an individual can't see properly, they may make errors in judgment, when it comes to moving around their home.

If you or a loved one have suffered a slip or fall as a result of the negligence of a store or a business, click here to discover how an experienced attorney may be able to help you sue for damages. As it's unacceptable for a business to leave slippery puddles or cracked flooring, for their customers to slip on. Businesses must also provide handrails for flights of steps and must ensure that any rugs are secured to the floor. 

2. Individuals who work at elevated heights or in hazardous conditions 
Individuals such as construction workers who work at elevated heights, are at risk of suffering a serious fall. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners cut corners when it comes to worker safety. As an example, whilst building companies are required by law to provide adequate scaffolding, if they intend to have workers working on a damaged roof, some building companies will send apprentices up onto a roof with little or no scaffolding.

3. Individuals who take prescription medicine on a regular basis
Individuals who take prescription medicine on a daily basis, increase their chances of suffering a fall or slip as they may slip as a result of a side effect of their medicine. As an example, some medications such as tramadol, which is used to treat mild to severe pain, may make an individual nauseous and unable to stand properly. If currently prescribed medication which is giving you severe side effects, it's well worth talking to your doctor about possible alternatives. 

4. Individuals on social welfare
Individuals on social welfare, may not have enough money to ensure that their home is a safe space to maneuver around. As an example they may not have enough money to fix cracks or holes in the floor or put a hand rail up, next to
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